Hand-drawn Renderings

Hand-Drawn RenderingsProject in Birdseye Drawing, unique product by GCAD. Our artists carefully select only the best features of a city, a community, or a proposed land development, use their unique drawing technique to create the hand-drawn/digitally colored rendering.

It gives viewers a whole new perspective of the project, as every featured element of the project is faithfully depicted in terms of location and detail.

Such product is ideal for theme park producer and real estate developer to present their proposal to the city/land owner for project approval, or for local government or organization to promote tourism in their cities or regions.

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3D Computer Model For the Hand-drawn Rendering: We Provide 3DMax Format File Upon Customer's Request


Hand-Drawn RenderingsSuccess Starts With A Good Master Plan



To achieve a great success in commercial or residential land development project, one has to start with a proper and innovative master plan. GCAD has worked on over 50 large scale land development projects around the world including theme parks, residential subdivisions, regional supercenters, and vacation resorts. We always place the client's profit objective on our top list of all design considerations.


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